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Jerome EarnestJerome Earnest of Panama City, FL was posthumously inducted into the ISA Hall of Fame in the Specialty Category in 2000 in Panama City Beach, Florida. Known as Softball's Greatest Sportswriter, Earnest was the publisher of The Supreme Softball News at the time of his death in April of 2000.
His remarkable knowledge of softball all stored in his head was a cornucopia of the game. To say he was one of a kind would be an understatement.
Earnest's assistance in the growth of the ISA is unchronicled yet he played an important part. He coined the term "The Grand Slam of Softball" that promoted the ISA World Series on par with the other three major associations. His extensive coverage of the ISA Winter Nationals helped spur their growth and make the term "Winter National" a well known phrase in softball. So much so that other associations soon copied the original series started by ISA.
Earnest served as the official scorer at the 1997 thru 1999 Men's Super World Series and helped make the all tournament selections. The MVP award of that tournament is now named after him.
In addition to Supreme Softball, Earnest previously served as the sports editor of the Panama City News Herald, and editor of Super Slowpitch, National Slo-Pitch Softball Insight Magazine and Softball USA.

Welcome To ISA

Welcome To ISA

2015 Softball Season

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10-24: Eastern Fall State
Jacksonville , NC - Jacksonville Commons Recreation & Parks map
adult / Slowpitch / Elite, Men Lower, Men Upper, Rec

10-24: Eastern Women Fall State
Jacksonville , NC - Jacksonville Commons Recreation & Parks map
adult / Slowpitch, women / Comp, Rec

10-24: Western Fall States
Morganton, NC - Catawba Meadows Park map
adult / Slowpitch / Elite, Major, Men Lower, Men Upper, Rec

10-31: Pumpkin Ball Co-ed World
Whittier, NC - John A Crowe Complex map
adult / co-ed /

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