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Dave CowenDave Cowan began his softball career in 1987 as a player/sponsor in Central Illinois. He sponsored 1 team comprised of himself, some friends, and a few employees of his small pizza restaurant.

From 1988 to 1999, Dave’s passion for the game grew, as did his business and sponsorships. Realizing that young players are the foundation of softball, he began to sponsor mens teams made up of young players, 35 and over, and a competitive tournament team.

From 2000 to present, Dave sponsors the above mentioned teams along with a mens 40 and over team. In addition to softball, he is also involved in his local community with sponsorship of youth football, baseball, and girls fast pitch teams.

These teams over the years have had numerous top 5 finishes and above in the State, National, and World tournaments. These include 9 State championships, 2 NIT championships, and 4 top 4 and above World tournament finishes, which include 2004 and 2007 ISA Illinois 40 and over State championships, 2010 ISA D Illinois State champions, and 2010 ISA Illinois Open Fall State Champions.

Dave’s teams are well known and respected in Illinois and throughout the mid-west and Dave has always insisted that his players and teams play hard but fair, with class and respect for all opponents, umpires, and above all the game itself.

In 2000 Dave was instrumental in ISA coming to Illinois. He fully got behind the program by committing all of his teams to exclusively play ISA that season, including sending a 35 and over team to the World tournament.

Welcome To ISA

Welcome To ISA

2015 Softball Season

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Softball for the 21st Century!

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10-24: Eastern Fall State
Jacksonville , NC - Jacksonville Commons Recreation & Parks map
adult / Slowpitch / Elite, Men Lower, Men Upper, Rec

10-24: Eastern Women Fall State
Jacksonville , NC - Jacksonville Commons Recreation & Parks map
adult / Slowpitch, women / Comp, Rec

10-24: Western Fall States
Morganton, NC - Catawba Meadows Park map
adult / Slowpitch / Elite, Major, Men Lower, Men Upper, Rec

10-31: Pumpkin Ball Co-ed World
Whittier, NC - John A Crowe Complex map
adult / co-ed /

Latest Tournament Results

2015-10-02 Co-ed World Series
2015-09-19 Fall State

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