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Manufacturer       Model Number / Name
Anderson       011030 NanoTek SP Alpha
Anderson       011031 NanoTek SP Omega
Anderson       011032 RocketTech SP
Anderson       011033 TechZilla SP
Anderson       011034 Ignite SP
Anderson       011035 FlexZilla SP
Anderson       011036 RocketFlex SP
Anderson       017013 Techzilla FP
Anderson       017022 RockeTech FP-9
Anderson       017023 NanoTek FP -10
Anderson       017024 TechZilla FP-10
Anderson       017025 Ignite FP
Anderson       017025 Ignite FP-11
Anderson       017026 NanoTek FP -12
Anderson       017027 FlexZilla FP
Anderson       017028 RocketFlex FP
Anderson       Fast Tech
Anderson       Fast Tech KSP 011023
Anderson       NanoTek 011026
Anderson       NanoTek SPA 011027
Anderson       PyroTech FP
Anderson       PyroTech FP KFP 017017
Anderson       Rocket Tech
Anderson       Rocket Tech FP
Anderson       Rocket Tech FP 017019
Anderson       RockeTech SP 011028
Anderson       RocketTech CK - Composite Killer
Anderson       RocketTeck Reloaded
Anderson       Tech Wrap
Anderson       Techzilla
Anderson       Techzilla CK Composite Killer
Anderson       TechZilla FP 017020
Anderson       Techzilla Reborn
Anderson       Techzilla SP 011029
Anderson       Wrap Tech
Baden       Axe Avenge L154
Bass       Bass 1
Bass       JH 1st Degree
Bombshell Bat Co.       The Bombshell
Boombah       Bazooka
Boombah       Charge
Boombah       FPTS10 Tsunami XRT/FPTS102-1.21
Boombah       FPTS9 Tsunami XRT/FPTS92-1,21
Boombah       SPBSU Boombah Boss/SPBUEL
Boombah       SPBSS-Senior-SPBSS-1.21
Boombah       SPBSU-ASP-XRT COMPOSITE 1.21
Boombah       Tsunami FPTS12FPTS122--9
Boombah       Tusunami-FPTS102-10
bOOMBAH       Tusunami-xrt-fpts12-12
Catapultt       C405 Team Series
Combat       705011 Virus FP
Combat       Anti-Virus
Combat       ASSSP2 Assault
Combat       AVARFP1 Avaritia -8
Combat       AVARFP2 Avaritia -9
Combat       AVARFP3 Avaritia -10
Combat       AVARFP4 Avaritia -11
Combat       AVARSP1 Avarice
Combat       AVARSP2 Avarice 98
Combat       B 1
Combat       C 4
Combat       Combat VIPG2
Combat       COMSP1 Combat Combatant
Combat       DB427SP1 Derby Boys
Combat       DB427SP2 Derby Boys 275
Combat       DBSP1 Derby Boy's
Combat       DGSP1 Derby Girls
Combat       FHSP1 Frank Henry Edition 52
Combat       GCBSP1 Derby Girls 275
Combat       Gear SP2 Combat Gear Supremacy
Combat       Gear Virus
Combat       Gear Virus
Combat       Gear Virus Limited Edition Blue
Combat       Gear Virus Limited Edition Red
Combat       GEARFP1 Combat Bruin
Combat       GearFP2 Morphed Gear TT
Combat       GearSP3 Afflicted 810296
Combat       GEARSP4-SB Scott Brown Gear 98
Combat       GEARSPS - JK Supremacy Reloaded Jason Kendrick
Combat       JMWSP1 JM26 Wood
Combat       LFFP1 Lisa Fernandez
Combat       LFFP2 Lisa Fernandez
Combat       LFFP2 Lisa Fernandez
Combat       LFFP3 Lisa Fernandez
Combat       LFFP3 Lisa Fernandez
Combat       MORFP1 Combat Morphed OS
Combat       PURESP1 Pure
Combat       PURESP1-JG Pure "Jeff Gare Edition"
Combat       PURESP2 Pure 98
Combat       SPIKSP1 Rick "Spike" Baker
Combat       SPIKSP2 Spiked "Rick Baker"
Combat       SPIKSP3 Spike 98
Combat       SX3 Censored
Combat       SX3 Uncensored
Combat       Throttle
Combat       VIMFP1 Virus Morphed FP
Combat       VIMFP2 Morphed Reloaded
Combat       VIMFP5 Morphed Reloaded
Combat       VIMFP6 Morphed Reloaded
Combat       VIMPH4 Morphed Reloaded
Combat       VIMSP1 Virus Morphed
Combat       VIPSP1 Virus Plaque
Combat       VIPSP1-DS Combat Virus Plaque Dan Smith Edition
Combat       VIRSP6 Anti Virus
Combat       VIRSPS-R8 Anti Virus Reloaded Rusty Bumgardner
Combat       Virus Enhanced
Combat       WANSP2 Wanted 275
Decker       DXPTF Patriot FP
Decker       Enigma
Demarini       2X Distance
Demarini       2X Distance Lite
Demarini       2X Fatboy
Demarini       Advanced CU31
DeMarini       CFH11 CF4 Hope
Demarini       Classic Doublewall
Demarini       Dark H&H SP
Demarini       DeMarini 375 MX DXRZM
Demarini       DXB52 B-52
Demarini       DXB52 DeMarini B52
Demarini       DXBSP Bruiser
Demarini       DXDBB DeMarini Doublewall FP
Demarini       DXDBC DeMarini Classic
Demarini       DXDBD DeMarini Distance
Demarini       DXDBD Double Wall Distance
Demarini       DXDBF DeMarini Fastpitch Fli
Demarini       DXDBH DeMarini Distance AX
Demarini       DXDBT DeMarini Fatboy
Demarini       DXDIS Ray DeMarini Distance
Demarini       DXDML DeMarini Demolition
Demarini       DXEVF Evo Fastpitch
Demarini       DXEVO DeMarini Evo
Demarini       DXEVX Evo AX
Demarini       DXFF2 DeMarini F2 Fastpitch
Demarini       DXFP3 F3 Fastpitch
DeMarini       DXNT2 J2
DeMarini       DXNTU J2 1.20
DeMarini       DXONE ONE
DeMarini       DXONU ONE 1.20
Demarini       DXSF2-3 DeMarini F2
Demarini       DXSF2-4 DeMarini F2
DeMarini       DXVCP Vendetta C6
Demarini       F2 FLI DXSF2
Demarini       F3 DXSF3
Demarini       F3 FF3
Demarini       F375 FXF75
Demarini       Juggernaut H&H Composite SP
Demarini       Juggernaut OTC H&H Comp SP
Demarini       Juice DXUCE
Demarini       Julie Smith FP
Demarini       Medusa FP DXMFP
Demarini       Nitress FP DXNFP
Demarini       Onyx FP DXONX
Demarini       Rayzr AX DXRZH
Demarini       Rayzr FP DXRZF
Demarini       Reactor FP DXRCT
Demarini       Tempest FP DXTFP
Demarini       Ultimate Distance
Demarini       Ultimate Distance 2X
Demarini       Ultimate Distance Lite
Demarini       Ultimate Fastpitch DXUFP
Demarini       Ultimate Weapon
Demarini       Ultimate Weapon DXUWE
Demarini       Vexxum DXVNS
Demarini       Vexxum FP
Demarini       Vexxum Men's FP DXVFB
Demarini       White Steel DXWHI
Demarini       Wilson 5B2 Double Wall
Demarini       Wilson C404 Ultimate Weapon
Demarini       Wilson DoubleWall Distance
Demarini       Wilson DoubleWall Distance Lite
Demarini       Wilson Fatboy Doublewall
Demarini       Wilson Julie Smith FP
Demarini       Women's Ultimate Distance
DeMarini       WTDXBFP Bustos
DeMarini       WTDXCF8 CF4
DeMarini       WTDXCFF CF4
DeMarini       WTDXCFH CF4
Dudley       Dudley Lightning Legend-LLESP End Loaded Model-1.21
Dudley       Dudley Lightning Legend-LLESP12 End Loaded Model-1.21
Dudley       Dudley Lightning Legend-LLBSP -LLBSP-Balanced Model-1.21
DeMarini       WTDXCFP CF4
Easton       SCN-16
Easton       SCN16BH
Easton       FP40-RIVAL
Easton       FP53-Easton Wave
Easton       FP64-LOve & Peace
Easton-       2015-ASP Nation
Easton       2015-ATP Nation
Easton       2015-BX.0
Easton       2015-L4 O US
Easton       2015-L4 OC
Easton       2015-Laser Vision
Easton       2015-Limited
Easton       2015-LV2-0
Easton       2015-SP15MLU-Mako end Loaded
Easton       2015- SP15MBU-Mako Balanced
Easton       2015-SP15MKU-Mako Loaded 
Easton       2015-Mako Real Tree
Easton       2015-Torq
Easton       2015-Power Blue
Easton       2015-SP15ST100ASP-Stealth
Easton       2015-SP`5BBU-RB BAKER Balanced
Easton       2015-SP15SKU-RP Kirby Loaded
Easton       2015-SP15BWU-RP Wegman Loaded
Easton       2015-Raw POwer Red
Easton       2015-SP15SVU-Salvo Comp Loaded
Easton       2015- Syngery
Easton       2015-SP15SVU- Salvo Balanced
Easton       2015 Syngery Extended
Easton       FP11SG Synge
Easton       FP11ST10 Stealth Speed
Easton       FP11ST9 Stealth Speed
Easton       FP11SY10 Synergy Speed
Easton       FP11SY9 Synergy
Easton       FP13AL Alpha
Easton       FP13CY Cyclone
Easton       FP13EA Easton Fastpitch
Easton       FP13MQ Mystique
Easton       FP13S1
Easton       FP13S2
Easton       FP13S3 Synge
Easton       FP13SYY Synergy
Easton       FP13TY Typhoon
Easton       FP13X1
Easton       FP13X2
Easton       FP14S60A FS60A
Easton       FP15MK10 MAKO -10
Easton       FP15MK8 MAKO -8
Easton       FP15MK9 MAKO -9
Easton       FP15MKT MAKO TORQ
Easton       FP15MKY MAKO YOUTH
Easton       FP15S110 FS1 -10
Easton       FP15S111 FS1-11
Easton       FP15S3 FS3
Easton       KS30 Synergy
Easton       SC800B Triple B
Easton       SCG1 CV12
Easton       SCG1B CV12
Easton       SCL1 Synergy Clear
Easton       SCL1B Synergy Crystal FP
Easton       SCN10BH Synergy Power CNT Plus
Easton       SCN12 Stealth IMX
Easton       SCN12BH Synergy
Easton       SCN17 Stealth
Easton       SCN17 Stealth
Easton       SCN17 Stealth Tri Zone
Easton       SCN17BH Stealth BH
Easton       SCN17BH Synergy
Easton       SCN18 Synergy
Easton       SCN18 Synergy Tri Zone
Easton       SCN18BH Stealth BH
Easton       SCN18BH Synergy BH
Easton       SCN18BH Synergy Tri Zone
Easton       SCN19 Stealth Trizone
Easton       SCN1B Synergy Fastpitch
Easton       SCN2 Synergy CNT +
Easton       SCN20BW Synergy Trizone
Easton       SCN2B Synergy
Easton       SCN3 Synergy CNT Flex
Easton       SCN4 Stealth Comp CNT+
Easton       SCN4B Stealth Comp CNT -10
Easton       SCN5 Stealth Comp CNT
Easton       SCN5B Stealth Comp CNT -9
Easton       SCN6 Stealth Comp SNT Plus
Easton       SCN6B Stealth Comp CNT -10
Easton       SCN7B Stealth Comp -9
Easton       SCN8 Synergy CNT Flex
Easton       SCN8B Synergy CNT -10
Easton       SCN9 Stealth Comp CNT
Easton       SCR1 CV12
Easton       SCR1 SV12
Easton       SCR1B CV12 -10
Easton       SCRI CV12 Easton
Easton       SCRIB CV12 FP Easton
Easton       SCX14 Synergy Extended
Easton       SCX14B Synergy Extended -11.5
Easton       SCX2 Synergy
Easton       SCX22
Easton       SCX23
Easton       SCX24B Synergy FP
Easton       SCX3 Synergy Extended
Easton       SG1 Rival
Easton       SG1BXL Rival
Easton       SK Cyclone
Easton       SK Hammer
Easton       SK05 Hammer
Easton       SK10
Easton       SK-10 X-treme
Easton       SK11 Black Max
Easton       SK-12 X-treme
Easton       SK16 Hammer
Easton       SK-19 X-treme
Easton       SK2 Hammer
Easton       SK20
Easton       SK25 Easton FP
Easton       SK26 Easton
Easton       SK26 Easton -10
Easton       SK26 Sheila Douty
Easton       SK27 X-treme
Easton       SK29 FP
Easton       SK31 Diamond Pro
Easton       SK31B Diamond Pro
Easton       SK32 Cyclone
Easton       SK32B Cyclone FP
Easton       SK33 Cyclone
Easton       SK33B Cyclone
Easton       SK33BP Cyclone
Easton       SK34 Cyclone
Easton       SK35 FP Synergy
Easton       SK35B Fastpitch
Easton       SK37 Cyclone
Easton       SK37B FP Cyclone
Easton       SK38 Cyclone
Easton       SK398 Cyclone
Easton       SK39B Cyclone -9
Easton       SK4 Hammer
Easton       SK40B Typhoon
Easton       SK418 Synergy
Easton       SK41B Synergy -11
Easton       SK42 Synergy
Easton       SK5 Hammer
Easton       SK50B Typhoon
Easton       SK50BP Typhoone
Easton       SK6 Hammer
Easton       SK60B FP Typhoon
Easton       SK61B Typhoon
Easton       SK61B Typhoon -10
Easton       SK62B Typhoon
Easton       SK66B Mystique
Easton       SK9 Black Max
Easton       SP125SV98 Salvo
Easton       SP12ST100H Stealth
Easton       SP12ST98 Stealth
Easton       SP12SV100 Salvo
Easton       SP12SVC Salvo
Easton       SP12SVM Salvo
Easton       SP12SVS Salvo
Easton       SP12SY100 Synergy
Easton       SP12SY100W Synergy
Easton       SP12SY98 Synergy
Easton       SP12SY98H Synergy
Easton       SP12X2 Synergy 98H
Easton       SP13B1 B1
Easton       SP13B1 B1.0
Easton       SP13B2 Synergy 100
Easton       SP13CY Cyclone
Easton       SP13HM Hammer
Easton       SP13L1 L1
Easton       SP13L1 L1.0
Easton       SP13L2 L2
Easton       SP13L2 L2.0
Easton       SP13L5 Salvo Comp 100
Easton       SP13L7 L7
Easton       SP13L7 L7.0
Easton       SP13L8 L8
Easton       SP13L8 L8.0
Easton       SP13L9 L9
Easton       SP13L9 L9.0
Easton       SP13RX Reflex
Easton       SP13S1 Stealth 98
Easton       SP13S2 Synergy 98
Easton       SP14L2CL2 C
Easton       SP14L4US L4 US
Easton       SP14LV1 LV 1
Easton       SP14LV2 LV 2
Easton       SP14ST100ASP STEALTH ASP
Easton       SP14SY100F SYNERGY F
Easton       SR4V Synergy
Easton       SRV1 Synergy Reveal
Easton       SRV15B Indigo
Easton       SRV1B Synergy Clarity FP
Easton       SRV2 Synergy Reveal BH
Easton       SRV2B FP Synergy Clarity
Easton       SRV3 Synergy
Easton       SRV3 Synergy Speed 12
Easton       SRV3 Synergy Spped
Easton       SRV3B Synergy Clarity FP
Easton       SRV4B Synergy
Easton       SRV5 Salvo
Easton       SRV5 Salvo
Easton       SRV5B Synergy
Easton       SRV5B Synergy
Easton       SRV6B Synge
Easton       SRV6BH Synergy Speed
Easton       SRX10 SCX Reflex Cornell
Easton       SRX100 CBX Reflex C-Core
Easton       SRX100 CX Reflex C-Core
Easton       SRX1C Reflex Ultra
Easton       SRX2DSX Reflex Ultra
Easton       SRX2DSX Reflex Ultra Shock
Easton       SRX4 Redline
Easton       SRX4-B Redline Fastpitch
Easton       SRX50 React 50
Easton       SRX96X Reflex-Joerling
Easton       SRX9DSX Shuck
Easton       SSR1 Stealth Reveal
Easton       SSR1B Stealth Clarity
Easton       SSR2 Stealth
Easton       SSR2 Stealth Speed
Easton       SSR2 Stealth Speed 13.5
Easton       SSR3B Stealth
Easton       SSR4 Stealth Speed XL
Easton       SSR4B Stealth
Easton       SSR4B Stealth Speed
Easton       SST3 Stealth
Easton       SST3B Stealth
Easton       SST6 Stealth CNT
Easton       SST6B Stealth CNT
Easton       SSV1 SV12
Easton       SSVIB FO SV12
Easton       ST10 Connection
Easton       ST1-2B Connection Z-Core
Easton       ST1-Z Connection Z-Core
Easton       ST250B CXN Comp
Easton       ST260 Quantum SC900
Easton       ST260B Quantum SC900
Easton       ST2-Z Connection Z-Core
Easton       ST2-ZB Connection Z-Core
Easton       ST3 Connection
Easton       ST300 CNX
Easton       ST3-B Connection Fastpitch
Easton       ST5ZB-SC777 Connection
Easton       ST5Z-SC777 Connection Z-Core
Easton       ST6B-SC777 Connection
Easton       ST7-Z SC777 Connection Z-Core
Easton       ST7-ZB Connection FP
Easton       ST8Z CXN Z-Core
Easton       ST8ZB CXN Z-Core
Easton       STEALTH ASPSP14ST100ASP
Easton       STS2 Tri-Shell
Easton       STS4 Tri-Shell
Easton       STS6 CXN Tri-Shell
Easton       STS7B Tri-Shell
Easton       SV1 V12
Easton       SV3 Rival
Easton       SV3 Rival
Easton       SV3 Rival
Easton       SX30 Reflex
Easton       SX35 Reflex FP
Easton       SX40 Reflex Extended
Easton       SX40B Reflex Extended FP
Easton       SX45BP Rampage
Easton       SX50 Reflex
Easton       SX51 Black Magic
Easton       SX51B Reflex
Easton       SX55 React 55
Easton       SX56 Black Magic
Easton       SX60 Reflex
Easton       SX60B Reflex
Easton       SX65B FP Rampage
Easton       SX67B Mystique
Easton       SX70 Reflex
Easton       SX70B FP Refelx
Easton       SX71 Reflex
Easton       SX71 Reflex
Easton       SX72 Reflex
Easton       SX81B Replex
Easton       SX82B Atmos
Easton       SXB Reflex -12
Easton       SYNERGY FSP14SY100F
Easton       Synergy II
Easton       Synergy Plus
Easton       SZ100B Rebel
Easton       SZ11 Redline
Easton       SZ110B Impact
Easton       SZ1-C Redline C-Core
Easton       SZ1-CB Redline C-Core
Easton       SZ3 Redline Sunbelt
Easton       SZ4 Redline USA
Easton       SZ50 Reflex
Easton       SZ5Z Redline Z-Core
Easton       SZ5ZB
Easton       SZ6-T Tri-Core
Easton       SZ7 Redline Sunbelt/Dan Smith
Easton       SZ700 Triple 7
Easton       SZ700B Triple 7
Easton       SZ70-2B Z-Core
Easton       SZ70-SC777 Z-Core
Easton       SZ71-Z Z-Core
Easton       SZ71-ZB Z-Core
Easton       SZ73ZB Z-Core
Easton       SZ77-B-SC777 Triple 7 Scandium
Easton       SZ77-SC777 Triple R Scandium
Easton       SZ810 Havoc
Easton       SZ810B Havoc
Easton       SZ87 SC777 Triple 7
Easton       SZ87B SC777 Triple 7
Easton       SZ8-C Redline C-Core
Easton       SZ8-CB Redline C-Core
Easton       SZ900 Havoc
Easton       SZ900B Havoc
Easton       SZ910B Havoc
Easton       B1.0-SP14B1/Stealth Loaded-SP15ST100LBE
Easton       Stealth-SP12ST100H/Stealth Loaded-SP15ST100SBE
Easton       B2.0/SP13B2/Syngery Extended-SP15SY100E
Easton       12.0/SP13B2/Mako Loaded-SP15MKC
Easton       B4.0/SP14B4-BX.0-SP14BX
Easton       Syngery/SP12SY98-SPC-SP15spcaU
Easton       FP145300-
Easton       FP14S200-FS200
Easton       FP14S500-FS-500
Easton       FP14-S400-FS400
Easton       FP14MKY-Mako Youth
Easton       SP14S500-S500
Easton       SP14S300-S300
Easton       SP1450-S50
Grover       Gold Classic
Grover       GRV-100
Grover       Hurricane
Grover       Lightning
Grover       Plat-3427 Plantium
Grover       Silver Classic
Grover       VP 3427 Maximum Velocity Point
Hale Sports       Hale Storm C405
J deBeer & Sons       Clincher Bronze
J deBeer & Sons       Clincher C405
J deBeer & Sons       Clincher Gold
J deBeer & Sons       Clincher Gold XL
J deBeer & Sons       Clincher Silver
J deBeer & Sons       Shockwave
J deBeer & Sons       The Storm C405
J deBeer & Sons       The Storm CU31
Kelley       Mach 1032 SBFAS
Kelley       Mach 1034/26SPS
Kelley       Wrap Tech Milti
Louisville Slugger       SBSZ16A-B/Super Z Balanced-ASA
Louisville Slugger       SBSZ16A-E/Suoper Z End Loaded-ASA
Louisville Slugger       SBSZ16U-B/Super Z Balanced
Louisville Slugger       SBSZ16U-E/Super Z End Loaded
Louisville Slugger       SBWZ16A-B/Super Z Balanced
Louisville Slugger       SBWZ16A-E/Super Z End Loaded
Louisville Slugger       Xeno Llus-FBXN162
Louisville Slugger       Xeno PLus-FPXN168/FPXN169/FPXN160/FPXN161
Louisville Slugger       LXT--PLUS-FPLX168/FPLX169/FPLX160/FPLX161
Louisville Slugger       PROVEN-FPPR163
Louisville Slugger       SBZ416U-PL  Z4000 Power Load
Louisville Slugger       Hyper Z-SBHZ16s-1.21
Louisville Slugger       Z4000-SBZ416A-B-Balanced
Louisville Slugger       Z40000-SBZ416A-E-End Loaded
Louisville Slugger       Z4000-SBZ416UB-Balanced
Louisville Slugger       Z4000-SBZ146U-End Loaded
Louisville Slugger       AFPS104
Louisville Slugger       CFP103
Louisville Slugger       Diva-FPDV151/FPVD14-RR
Louisville Slugger       FP 406 Burgundy
Louisville Slugger       FP004
Louisville Slugger       FP1 Fernandez
Louisville Slugger       FP10 Fernandez
Louisville Slugger       FP103 Air Genix
Louisville Slugger       FP104
Louisville Slugger       FP106 Dynasty
Louisville Slugger       FP11 Richardson
Louisville Slugger       FP11C TPS Catalyst
Louisville Slugger       FP11C2
Louisville Slugger       FP11H2 TPS H2 XXL (-10 oz.)
Louisville Slugger       FP11H28 TPS H2 XXL
Louisville Slugger       FP11Q TPS Quest
Louisville Slugger       FP11TB TPS Catalyst
Louisville Slugger       FP11X
Louisville Slugger       FP11X8 TPS Xeno
Louisville Slugger       FP11X9 TPS Xeno
Louisville Slugger       FP11Y TPS Mystic
Louisville Slugger       FP12 Air Attack
Louisville Slugger       FP12BS Spark
Louisville Slugger       FP12C Catalyst
Louisville Slugger       FP12C2 Catalyst
Louisville Slugger       FP12C3 Catalyst
Louisville Slugger       FP12CY TPS Catalyst
Louisville Slugger       FP12DY TPS Catalyst
Louisville Slugger       FP12E1 TPS Catalyst
Louisville Slugger       FP12M Mendoza
Louisville Slugger       FP12P Peace
Louisville Slugger       FP12Q Quest
Louisville Slugger       FP12R TPS Miracle
Louisville Slugger       FP12R TPS Miracle
Louisville Slugger       FP12X Xeno
Louisville Slugger       FP12X8 Xeno
Louisville Slugger       FP12X9 Xeno
Louisville Slugger       FP12XTB Xeno
Louisville Slugger       FP12Y Mystic
Louisville Slugger       FP12Z Zephry
Louisville Slugger       FP13 College Fastpitch Series
Louisville Slugger       FP13M TPS - Mendoza
Louisville Slugger       FP13M2 TPS - M2 Pride
Louisville Slugger       FP13X TPS - Xeno
Louisville Slugger       FP13X8 TPS - Xeno
Louisville Slugger       FP13X9 TPS - Xeno
Louisville Slugger       FP13Z TPS Zephry
Louisville Slugger       FP14 Dot Richardson
Louisville Slugger       FP15 TPS-10 Sting Pop
Louisville Slugger       FP16 Inertia Female FP
Louisville Slugger       FP17 TPS-C555
Louisville Slugger       FP18 Lisa Fernandez Air Attack 3
Louisville Slugger       FP19 Dot Richardson TPA
Louisville Slugger       FP2 Richardson
Louisville Slugger       FP20 Lisa Fernandez
Louisville Slugger       FP203 Genix Lisa Fernandez
Louisville Slugger       FP204
Louisville Slugger       FP204P
Louisville Slugger       FP205
Louisville Slugger       FP206 Scandium XS
Louisville Slugger       FP21 Dr Dot Richardson
Louisville Slugger       FP22 7046 Youth Louisville Slugger
Louisville Slugger       FP23 C405
Louisville Slugger       FP25 Air C555
Louisville Slugger       FP26 C555
Louisville Slugger       FP26 Lisa Fernandez Air Gold
Louisville Slugger       FP27 Lisa Fernandez Air Gold
Louisville Slugger       FP28 Dot Richardson
Louisville Slugger       FP29 TPS
Louisville Slugger       FP30 Louisville Slugger
Louisville Slugger       FP303 Fast Pitch Platinum XS
Louisville Slugger       FP305
Louisville Slugger       FP306 Deuce
Louisville Slugger       FP32 TPS XXL Fast Pitch
Louisville Slugger       FP34 Air C555
Louisville Slugger       FP35 C555 Platinum
Louisville Slugger       FP36 Air Epitome Lisa Fernandez
Louisville Slugger       FP37 Dr Dot Richardson Double Gold
Louisville Slugger       FP38 TPS
Louisville Slugger       FP39 Dr Dot Richardson
Louisville Slugger       FP40 Silver Slugger
Louisville Slugger       FP403 Dr Dot Richardson
Louisville Slugger       FP404
Louisville Slugger       FP405
Louisville Slugger       FP5 Burgunty Bottle
Louisville Slugger       FP503 Genix XXL
Louisville Slugger       FP505
Louisville Slugger       FP5404
Louisville Slugger       FP603 Fastpitch
Louisville Slugger       FP604
Louisville Slugger       FP605
Louisville Slugger       FP7 Air Attack
Louisville Slugger       FP703 Silver Slugger
Louisville Slugger       FP704
Louisville Slugger       FP705
Louisville Slugger       FP710G Genesis
Louisville Slugger       FP71C Catalyst
Louisville Slugger       FP72C Catalyst 2
Louisville Slugger       FP73D Dynasty
Louisville Slugger       FP74M
Louisville Slugger       FP75O Odyssey
Louisville Slugger       FP77W TPS Warrior
Louisville Slugger       FP78S Samurai
Louisville Slugger       FP79M Fastpitch
Louisville Slugger       FP8 Lisa and Dot
Louisville Slugger       FP804
Louisville Slugger       FP805
Louisville Slugger       FP806 Grand Slam
Louisville Slugger       FP810GP
Louisville Slugger       FP811C
Louisville Slugger       FP811C 2009 Catalyst
Louisville Slugger       FP811C Catalyst
Louisville Slugger       FP81C
Louisville Slugger       FP82C Catalyst X-1
Louisville Slugger       FP83C Catalyst X-1
Louisville Slugger       FP84X Exogrid
Louisville Slugger       FP85Z
Louisville Slugger       FP86H TPS Mendoza Composite
Louisville Slugger       FP86M Mendoza
Louisville Slugger       FP87 Odyssey
Louisville Slugger       FP88F Fastpitch
Louisville Slugger       FP89TB
Louisville Slugger       FP9 Springsteel
Louisville Slugger       FP904
Louisville Slugger       FP91T Trition
Louisville Slugger       FP93T Trition
Louisville Slugger       FP94C - TPS Catalyst X-1
Louisville Slugger       FP95 TPS Fastpitch
Louisville Slugger       FP96TB Trition
Louisville Slugger       FP99GP Girl Power
Louisville Slugger       FP9D TPS Dynasty
Louisville Slugger       FP9H2 TPS H2
Louisville Slugger       FP9H28 TPS H2
Louisville Slugger       FP9H29 TPS H2
Louisville Slugger       FPC105
Louisville Slugger       FPC205 Catalyst
Louisville Slugger       FPC305
Louisville Slugger       FPCJM1
Louisville Slugger       FPE53 Mystic
Louisville Slugger       FPE67 2008 TPS Trition 3-X Comp
Louisville Slugger       FPES4 Quest
Louisville Slugger       FPIIX Xeno
Louisville Slugger       FPM3 TPS
Louisville Slugger       FPRIDE TPS Xeno
Louisville Slugger       FPXC TPS Catalyst X1
Louisville Slugger       FPXCM Catalyst
Louisville Slugger       FPXK TPS Kozmo
Louisville Slugger       FPXM - TPS Mendoza -11
Louisville Slugger       FPXM TPS Mensoza -11
Louisville Slugger       FPXMTB TPS Mendoza -13.5
Louisville Slugger       FPXQ TPS Quest
Louisville Slugger       FPXT TPS Triton -10
Louisville Slugger       FPXT8 TPS Triton -8
Louisville Slugger       FPXY- TPS Mystic
Louisville Slugger       FPXZ TPS Zephry
Louisville Slugger       KFP12Q Quest
Louisville Slugger       LXT(-10)-FPLX150
Louisville Slugger       LXT(-8)-FPLX158
Louisville Slugger       LXT-(-9)-FPLX159
Louisville Slugger       LXT-Teeball-FBLX14-RR/FPQS14-RR
Louisville Slugger       Mendosa-FPMD153/FPMD14-RR
Louisville Slugger       Quest-FPQS152/FPQS14-44
Louisville Slugger       SASB78V Voltage
Louisville Slugger       SB103 Genesis
Louisville Slugger       SB105 Catalyst
Louisville Slugger       SB105B Catalyst
Louisville Slugger       SB105E Catalyst
Louisville Slugger       SB116 Omaha
Louisville Slugger       SB11G Louisville Slugger Genesis
Louisville Slugger       SB11Z TPS Z-1000
Louisville Slugger       SB11ZB TPS Z-1000
Louisville Slugger       SB11ZE TPS Z-1000
Louisville Slugger       SB12A Armor
Louisville Slugger       SB12G Geninus
Louisville Slugger       SB12S Sonic
Louisville Slugger       SB12ZAB Z1000
Louisville Slugger       SB12ZAE Z-1000
Louisville Slugger       SB12ZB Z1000
Louisville Slugger       SB12ZE Z1000
Louisville Slugger       SB13ZAB TPS Z-2000 Balanced
Louisville Slugger       SB13ZAE TPS Z-2000 End Load
Louisville Slugger       SB13ZB TPS Z-2000
Louisville Slugger       SB13ZE TPS Z-2000
Louisville Slugger       SB14 Springsteel
Louisville Slugger       SB16 Slugger
Louisville Slugger       SB16AS Slugger
Louisville Slugger       SB16ASY Slugger
Louisville Slugger       SB17 Inertia
Louisville Slugger       SB17E Inertia
Louisville Slugger       SB18 Air Attack 2
Louisville Slugger       SB19 Advanced Player Model
Louisville Slugger       SB2 Androff
Louisville Slugger       SB20 C555
Louisville Slugger       SB203 Genix XXL
Louisville Slugger       SB206 Catalyst
Louisville Slugger       SB21 Team TPS AI
Louisville Slugger       SB21E Team TPS AI
Louisville Slugger       SB22 Air3
Louisville Slugger       SB23 TPS Gold
Louisville Slugger       SB24 Louisville Slugger
Louisville Slugger       SB25 Louisville Slugger
Louisville Slugger       SB26 TPS Double Treat
Louisville Slugger       SB27 TPS XXL
Louisville Slugger       SB29 TPS Double Action
Louisville Slugger       SB3 Ritch's Superior
Louisville Slugger       SB30 TPS Advanced
Louisville Slugger       SB303 Silver Slugger
Louisville Slugger       SB304
Louisville Slugger       SB305
Louisville Slugger       SB306 Dynasty XXL
Louisville Slugger       SB31 Louisville Slugger
Louisville Slugger       SB33 Louisville Slugger
Louisville Slugger       SB34 Louisville Genesis A8
Louisville Slugger       SB36 C555 TPS XXL
Louisville Slugger       SB37 CU31 TPS XXL
Louisville Slugger       SB38 TPS Gold
Louisville Slugger       SB39 Momentum
Louisville Slugger       SB40 Silver Slugger
Louisville Slugger       SB404 Resmondo XXL
Louisville Slugger       SB5 Gold
Louisville Slugger       SB504
Louisville Slugger       SB505
Louisville Slugger       SB6 Slugger
Louisville Slugger       SB604
Louisville Slugger       SB704
Louisville Slugger       SB705 Warrior XXL Balanced
Louisville Slugger       SB72N Nexus
Louisville Slugger       SB73V Voltage
Louisville Slugger       SB75P
Louisville Slugger       SB76W Warrior
Louisville Slugger       SB77S
Louisville Slugger       SB78S Slash
Louisville Slugger       SB804
Louisville Slugger       SB805 Warrior XXL End Loaded
Louisville Slugger       SB81N Nexus
Louisville Slugger       SB82N Nexus
Louisville Slugger       SB82NJM1
Louisville Slugger       SB82NJM2
Louisville Slugger       SB83V Voltage Composite
Louisville Slugger       SB84H Maverick
Louisville Slugger       SB84M
Louisville Slugger       SB85W Warrior
Louisville Slugger       SB86S
Louisville Slugger       SB87GS
Louisville Slugger       SB8AS Slugger
Louisville Slugger       SB905
Louisville Slugger       SB91T Trition 3-X Comp
Louisville Slugger       SB92T 2008 Triton
Louisville Slugger       SB92T 2008 Triton
Louisville Slugger       SB94C TPS Catalyst
Louisville Slugger       SB9AS Slugger
Louisville Slugger       SBE44 Genisis
Louisville Slugger       SBE54 08 Triton 3-X Comp
Louisville Slugger       SBIIC Catalyst
Louisville Slugger       SBPD15-UB Power Dome - Balanced
Louisville Slugger       SBPD15-UE  Power Dome - End Load
Louisville Slugger       SBCT15-UB  Catalyst - Balanced
Louisville Slugger       SBCT15-UE  Catalyst - End Load
Louisville Slugger       SBZ215-LE  Z-2000 – Limited Edition
Louisville Slugger       SBXA Louisville Slugger Armor
Louisville Slugger       SBXC TPS Catalyst X-1
Louisville Slugger       SBXG Louisville Slugger Genesis
Louisville Slugger       SBXH2S TPS H2
Louisville Slugger       SBXTA TPS Triton
Louisville Slugger       SBXTB TPS Triton Balanced
Louisville Slugger       SBXTE TPS Triton End Loaded
Louisville Slugger       SBXV TPS Voltage II
Louisville Slugger       SBXW TPS Warrior
Louisville Slugger       SBZ214-UE Z2000 End Load
Louisville Slugger       SBZ314-UE Z3000 End Load
Louisville Slugger       SC12W Warrior
Louisville Slugger       SH206 Gamer
Louisville Slugger       SN405
Louisville Slugger       SN406 Dynasty Powerdome
Louisville Slugger       SN74X
Louisville Slugger       Sonic-SBSN15U/SBE85
Louisville Slugger       Vapor-SBVA15U/SBVA15U
Louisville Slugger       WFP703
Louisville Slugger       X12-FPXL152/FPE90
Louisville Slugger       XENO (-10)-FPNX158
Louisville Slugger       Xeno Tee ball-FBXN152/FBXN14-RR
Louisville Slugger       XENO-(-10)-FPXN150
Louisville Slugger       XENO-(-11)-FPXN151
Louisville Slugger       XENO-(-9)-FPXN159
Louisville Slugger       Z-2000/SBZ215UE/SBZ2140UE
Louisville Slugger       Z-2000-SBZ215U-E/SBZ214-UB
Louisville Slupper       SBZ314-UB Z3000 Balanced
Marucci       Marucci MFP138
Miken-Senior       FRKBKS-Freak Black
Miken-Senior       SPU2S-Ultra II Balanced
Miken-Senior       SPU2M-Ultra II Maxload
Miken-Senior       MMULT2-Uktra II Big Cat
Miken-Senior       MSU2-Ultra II
Miken-Senior       U2TOCM-Ultra II Tournament of Champions
Miken-Senior       Ultra II-Legacy
Miken       Psycho-PSYDTE
Miken       Freak Players Model-FRKPMU
Miken       MV-1 MAX-MVMXMU
Miken       4 The Fallen-FALLBU
Miken       Izzy Icon-iconmu
Miken       Freak 12 Max Load-MKS15-b-1//FB12MU
Miken       Superfreak Maxloaded-SF2PCU & BTGDCU
Miken       4 the Fallen-4FATEU
Miken       Camo 484
Miken       CANDCU DC-41
Miken       CANPMU Psycho Maxload
Miken       CHILL-CHIL10 & FPLGC
Miken       DEN41U DC-41
Miken       Edge
Miken       FPFK10 Freak
Miken       FPFKBK Freak Black
Miken       FPFX10 Freak FX 700
Miken       FPFX12 Freak FX 700 Light
Miken       FPFX9 Freak FX700
Miken       FPHL12 Halo
Miken       FPIE10 Intensit-E
Miken       FPK98A Kelly's Super Freak
Miken       FPMV3C10 MV-3 FP10
Miken       FPMV3C12 MV-3 Light
Miken       FPMV3C9 MV-3 FP9
Miken       FPNX10 Freak NXT -10
Miken       FPNX12 Freak NXT Light
Miken       FPNX9 Freak NXT -9
Miken       FPSF10 Super Freak FP98
Miken       FPTD10 Triad3 FP
Miken       Freak 98
Miken       Freak Limited Edition
Miken       Freak Plus
Miken       FREV10 RevEx
Miken       FREV12 RevEx Light
Miken       FREV9 RevEx
Miken       FRKBKU Freak Black Max
Miken       FRKCLU Freak Classic
Miken       FRKMKU Super Freak Maxload
Miken       FRKTSA Freak RVG
Miken       GLDN10 Gold NXT FP-10
Miken       GLDN9 Gold NXT FP-9
Miken       GLDNXT Gold NXT FP -10
Miken       Infinity
Miken       Intensite
Miken       IZZY2M Psycho Supermax
Miken       LTHALO HALO12 Halo Light 2013
Miken       Maniac 282
Miken       Maniac 484
Miken       Maniac 484 Fastpitch
Miken       MCFTRA Freak Turbo
Miken       MCFTSA Freak Turbo
Miken       MCSFSA Freak SIKK
Miken       MDSFTC Freak Turbo
Miken       Mega Maniac 585
Miken       MFDSTMA Freak DST Maxload
Miken       MFEHT10 Epic HT
Miken       MFH10 Halo
Miken       MFH8 Halo
Miken       MFH9 Halo
Miken       MFHL12 Halo Light
Miken       MFI10 2008 FP icon
Miken       MFI9 2008 ICON FP9
Miken       MFIL12 2008 FP icon Light
Miken       MFIU Intesit-E
Miken       MFIU-K Intensit-E
Miken       MFNU Freak Nasty
Miken       MFRCA2 Rain FP
Miken       MFRL12 Rain Light-12 FP
Miken       MFSDTA Freak DST Balanced
Miken       Miken HHD
Miken       M-Pulse
Miken       MS100C Vicious
Miken       MS100CA Vicious 09
Miken       MSAPC-1 Decoy
Miken       MSBTSA Burn 98
Miken       MSCA-1 Chaos
Miken       MSDC41 DC41 Supermax
Miken       MSFPPM "Freak Players Model"
Miken       MSFTDSG Freak Turbo
Miken       MSFXLS Fusion XLS Single Wall
Miken       MSLHBU Miken Long Haul Bomber
Miken       MSMV1BU Miken MV-1 Balanced
Miken       MSMVIMU Miken MV-1 Maxload
Miken       MSNFA 2008 Nemisis Balanced
Miken       MSNMA 2008 Nemeses Max Load
Miken       MSNRGR NRG
Miken       MSNRGS NRG
Miken       MSPFU 2008 Psyco Balanced
Miken       MSPMU 2008 Psycho Supermax
Miken       MSPSE Psycho Special Edition
Miken       MSRFA Recoil
Miken       MSRFU Recoil
Miken       MSRMA Recoil Maxload
Miken       MSRMU Recoil Maxload
Miken       MSSFM 2008 Super Freak Maxload
Miken       MSU2   (Senior divisions Only)
Miken       MSVA Velocit-E 2.0
Miken       MSVE-1 Velocity
Miken       MV3MU MV-3 Supermax
Miken       MV3U MV-3 Balanced
Miken       NRG Pro Series 500
Miken       NRG Pro Series 500 Maxload
Miken       NRG Pro Series 600
Miken       NRG Pro Series 600 Maxload
Miken       NRG Pro Series Fastpitch 500
Miken       Oklahoma
Miken       Psycho Supermax-SPSYMU & SBSRU
Miken       PSYCHO-spsybu & spsru
Miken       S41SMU DC-41
Miken       S4FALU Traid/4 The Fallen
Miken       SDC41C DC41
Miken       SDC41U
Miken       SFILMU Filby KF30
Miken       SFNDBU Freak NXT Balanced
Miken       SFRKMU Super Freak Maxload
Miken       SFX7BU Freak FX 700 Balanced
Miken       SFX7MU Freak FX 700 Maxload
Miken       SIKKBU Freak SIKK
Miken       SKSFA Super Freak 98
Miken       SKSFA Super Freak DST
Miken       SNXTBA Freak NXT Balanced
Miken       SNXTBU Freak NXT Balanced
Miken       SNXTMA Freak NXT Supermax
Miken       SNXTMU Freak NXT Maxload
Miken       SPDCU Psycho DC
Miken       SPDVS1 DVSI
Miken       SPFKPU Freak Plus
Miken       SPFXBA Freak FX 700
Miken       SPFXBU Freak FX 700
Miken       SPFXMA Freak FX 700 Supermax
Miken       SPFXMU Freak
Miken       SPIZMU Psycho Jeremy Isenhower Supermax
Miken       SPMAFA Mafia
Miken       SPMAFU Mafia
Miken       SPMANA Maniac
Miken       SPMDA Maniac
Miken       SPMVMU MV-1 Maxload
Miken       SPRZRA RZR
Miken       SPVELA Velocit-E
Miken       SPVELA Velocit-E
Miken       SREVBU RevEx Balanced
Miken       SREVMU RevEx Maxload
Miken       STRIMU Triad3 Madload
Miken       Superfreak Maxloaded-SP1PCU & spsru
Miken       SYCHBU Psycho Maxload
Miken       T22C6 MSTC
Miken       Triad Xtreme-FPTR10
Miken       ULTALL Ultra 750 Max Canada F75XMA
Miken       Ultra 750X-Maxload-ULTMXU & SBSRU
Miken       Velocity-E II
Miken       Vicious 100 Alloy
Miken       Viper
Miken       Viper 14
Mizuno       Blackshadow-340301-Black
Mizuno       Mamba-ASA-340360-Green
Mizuno       Mamba ISA-340361-Black
Mizuno       No Doubt-340362-White/Blue
Mizuno       340291 Blackout Balanced
Mizuno       340291 Blackout Balanced
Mizuno       340298 Blackout Balanced
Mizuno       Blackout 340271
Mizuno       Blur Advanced MZC-8
Mizuno       Blur MZC - 7
Mizuno       Craze - Xtreme 340225
Mizuno       Craze - Xtreme 340245
Mizuno       Craze 340224
Mizuno       Craze 340244
Mizuno       Crush 2 340107
Mizuno       Crush 340125/340126
Mizuno       Crush G3 3040119/340124
Mizuno       Envy BS-0-E1
Mizuno       Finch 2 MZA-2
Mizuno       Frenzy 120
Mizuno       Frenzy Elite 340247
Mizuno       Jennie Fench FP
Mizuno       Jennie Fench Signature Model 340120
Mizuno       Jennie Finch Signature Model 340121
Mizuno       MZC234 TechFire Rage
Mizuno       MZC334 Techfire Fury
Mizuno       Techfire
Mizuno       Techfire Crush
Mizuno       Techfire Envy
Mizuno       Techfire Fastpitch BS-T LP
Mizuno       Techfire FP
Mizuno       Techfire Wrath II - 120
Mizuno       Wrath
Mizuno       Wrath 120
Mizuno       Frenzy Elite 340246
Mkken       4FALMA-Freak 4 the Fallen
Nike       Aero Athens Composite
Nike       Aero Athens MEC15
Nike       Aero Fuse
Nike       Aero Launch
Nike       Air Max Thrust
Nike       Air Max Thrust 45
Nike       Air Tsunami
Nike       Batta Boom
Nike       Black Powder F
Nike       Black Powder S
Nike       Bomber FP
Nike       Bombers SP
Nike       El Loco FP
Nike       El Loco SP
Nike       Hawk FP
Nike       Hawk SP
Nike       Ignitor FP
Nike       Ignitor SP
Nike       Imara -9
Nike       Imara Plus -11
Nike       Kaos FP
Nike       Kaos SP
Nike       Shoe SP
Nike       Show FP
Nike       Surge
Nike       Venom
One Cyro       The Enualizer
One Cyro       The Equalizer Super Wall
Powerhouse       Crush Series
Powerhouse       Intimidator C405
Powerhouse       Ozone C405
Powerhouse       Power Series
Powerhouse       Xtreme
R2R2Test       R2R2Test
Rawlings       FP1AM Ambush
Rawlings       FP1AM2 Ambush
Rawlings       FP21AF Amanda Freed
Rawlings       FP2AF (Fastpitch)
Rawlings       FP31AF Amanda Freed
Rawlings       FPACL (Fastpitch)
Rawlings       FPANT2 Anthem
Rawlings       FPCLBR Caliber
Rawlings       FPCLBR2Calibe
Rawlings       FPCOB Cobalt
Rawlings       FPFL5 Fule
Rawlings       FPI13 Instict
Rawlings       FPINS Instinct
Rawlings       FPINS3 Instinct
Rawlings       FPLM2 Fastpitch
Rawlings       FPLM2 Liquid Metal
Rawlings       FPLMP Plasma
Rawlings       FPLMPF Plasma
Rawlings       FPLMPG Plasma Gold
Rawlings       FPLMPM Plasma
Rawlings       FPNEM2 Nemesis
Rawlings       FPP4 Flite Stick
Rawlings       FPP5 Big Stick
Rawlings       FPPLA2 Plasma
Rawlings       FPPLAS Plasma
Rawlings       FPREN2 Renegade
Rawlings       FPRSHCT Ruash Comp
Rawlings       FPSLVR Plasma
Rawlings       FPSTRV Strive
Rawlings       FPSTRV3 Strive
Rawlings       FPTRMP Triumph
Rawlings       FPVCTY2 Velocity
Rawlings       FPVCTY3 Velocity
Rawlings       FPZ2 Power Forged
Rawlings       Rush Gold FP
Rawlings       SBLMFA Silverback
Rawlings       SBLMP120 Plasma 120
Rawlings       SBLMPFU Silverback
Rawlings       SBRSHCTA Rush Comp
Rawlings       SBZ23 Power Forge
Rawlings       SP1AM Ambush
Rawlings       SP1AM2 Ambush
Rawlings       SPBL Slowpitch
Rawlings       SPCLBR Caliber
Rawlings       SPFL4 Fuel
Rawlings       SPIO Ion
Rawlings       SPREC Recon
Rawlings       SPREN2 Renegades
Rawlings       SPSTRV Strive
Rawlings       SPSTRV2 Strive
Rawlings       SPSTRV2 Strive
Rawlings       SPSTRV3 Strive
Rawlings       SPTRMP Triumph
Rawlings       SPTRMP2 Triumph
Reebok       Dictator
Reebok       Dictator Plus
Reebok       RES10-1 Melee Legend "Seniors Only"
Reebok       RES10-2 Melee Legend Max "Seniors Only"
Reebok       VBSP Barrage
Reebok       VMUSP Melee Plus
Reebok       VOUSP Vector Plus O-Tech
Rip It       FORC1 Force
Rip It       REAP3 Reaper
Rip It       Reaper REAP1
Rip It       Reaper REAP2
Rip It       RESR2 Rip It Slowpitch
Rip It       Rip-It Elite Fastpitch REFP1
Rip It       XY1 Foxy
Steeles       AL5512 Alien
Steeles       Explosion
Steeles       XLT-1 Panic
Steeles       XLT-2 C405
Steeles       XLT-3 LaserFlex
Steeles       XLT-4 TurboPlex
Steeles       XLT-7178
Steeles       XLT-B
Steeles       XLT-G 7278
Steeles       XXLT 7178
Steeles       XXLT-6 Retro
Steeles       XXLTG 7178
Toledo       Crimson Katana S3CR
Toledo       F1KC WASP
Toledo       F2TA Atomatic - 22
Toledo       Inferno F2EC
Toledo       Inferno S2CB
Toledo       Inferno S2DV
Toledo       Katana Dragon S3JJ
Toledo       Katana Dragonfly
Toledo       Katana F3JA
Toledo       Katana F4SA
Toledo       Katana Tiger S3CN
Toledo       S1KH Buzzsaw
Toledo       S2JJ Nitroglycerin
West Virginia Bats       625 Metalwood
Worth-Senior       SBJHSR-Legit Jeff Hall 2-Pc Comp 0.5 oz Reloaded
Worth-Senior       SBDRSR-Rulli
Worth-Senior       SBLS5-Legit
Worth-Senior       SB43S-Legit
Worth-Senior       WSRRH-Launch 510
Worth-Senior       WSRSB-Launch 510
Worth-Senior       SBRHA-454
Worth       SBPCRU-Powercell Resmondo
Worth       FPS211-Storm 2.0
Worth       FPSTHL-Storm Hyper Lite
Worth       FPAMPP-AMP
Worth       FPMH11-Mayhem
Worth       FPAP10-AMP
Worth       SBMWMB-Mayhem Wood Comp
Worth       SBAUA-AMP
Worth       SBACMO-AMP Camo
Worth       FPLS13-Storm
Worth       FP2LG9-2Legit
Worth       FP2L10-2LEgit
Worth       FPL109-Legit
Worth       FPL110-Legit
Worth       FPL125-Legit
Worth       FPLA11-Legit
Worth       SB22BU-220 Balanced
Worth       SBJH2U-Hall 220
Worth       SBLGSW-Legit
Worth       SBMAYD-Mayhem
Worth       SBMSWA-Mayhem
Worth       Mayhem-BJ Faulk-KSFILU
Worth       SBAMPA-Amp
Worth       SBTMAM-Titan
Worth       2009 Silencer SBBC
Worth       3DX
Worth       3DX DT3XSP
Worth       3DXFP
Worth       ALFP Fastpitch
Worth       ALFP2 Silencer Chrome X
Worth       ALXSB Silencer Chrome X
Worth       ALXSBW Insanity
Worth       AMPFP
Worth       AMP-FPEXR & FPA511
Worth       ASY120 Asylum
Worth       ASY98
Worth       ASYFP Asylum
Worth       B5CABFP Powercell
Worth       BLAC98 Black EST
Worth       BLUE98 Blue EST
Worth       BSE Xcalibuer Euro 600
Worth       DCV 41-BTGDCU & SAFALU
Worth       EATQL Quad 555
Worth       EATQL Quad Shell
Worth       ECLIPSE-FPECL & FPE512
Worth       Eclipse-FPECL3 & FPECL
Worth       EDRE
Worth       EST Max XGreen
Worth       EST Suoercell Cryogenic
Worth       EST XGold
Worth       EST5 C555
Worth       EST5C Supercell EST
Worth       EST5E C555
Worth       EST5K Supercell EST
Worth       EST85 Supercell EST
Worth       EST98
Worth       ESTCU CU31
Worth       ESTCW Supercell EST
Worth       ESTJH Amp
Worth       ESTK
Worth       ESTL C405
Worth       ESTL Supercell Cyrogenic
Worth       ESTLE
Worth       FF3DX
Worth       Filthy-Jeff Hall-KSJHFU
Worth       Filthy-Jeff Hall-KSJHMU
Worth       Filthy-Jeff Hall-SBLUJH
Worth       Filthy-Jeff Hall-SBSKJU
Worth       FP10 FPTTN FP Titan
Worth       FP454 "454"
Worth       FP4B Powerlink C405
Worth       FP4L10 454 Legit FP -10
Worth       FP4L12 454 Legit FP -12
Worth       FP4L8 454 Legit FP -8
Worth       FP4L9 454 Legit FP -9
Worth       FP5B Powerlink C555
Worth       FP9 FPTTN9 FP Titan
Worth       FPAMPE Amp FPEX
Worth       FPAMPS AMP
Worth       FPC10 Charm
Worth       FPD1A D1
Worth       FPEC12 Eclipse
Worth       FPECL Eclipse
Worth       FPEVIB Eclipse
Worth       FPEXM Kayhem FPEX-12
Worth       FPEXR FPEX
Worth       FPFPX "FPX"
Worth       FPL410 454 Legit PF-10
Worth       FPL49 454 Legit FP-9
Worth       FPLG10 Legit
Worth       FPLG11 Legit
Worth       FPLG9 Legit
Worth       FPLGC9 2 Legit
Worth       FPLGT Legit
Worth       FPLGT Legit
Worth       FPLHYB Lithium Hybrid
Worth       FPLQ Quad Metal Matrix
Worth       FPLSTM Storm FP -13
Worth       FPLT11 Amp
Worth       FPLT13 Storm HyperLite
Worth       FPMC Mayhem Composite
Worth       FPMCW Mayhem Comp FP
Worth       FPML12
Worth       FPMLIT FP Mayhem
Worth       FPNSTY Insanity
Worth       FPNSY2 Insanity
Worth       FPOSB Offical Softball
Worth       FPPCX Prodigy
Worth       FPPCX2 Prodigy
Worth       FPQPST PST Quad
Worth       FPSIC9 Sick 454
Worth       FPSICK Sick 454
Worth       FPSK12 Sick 454
Worth       FPSLP2 Amp Slapper
Worth       FPSLPA
Worth       FPSM13
Worth       FPST13 Storm
Worth       FPSTM2 Storm
Worth       FPSTMY
Worth       FPSTRM Storm
Worth       FPT54L Titan
Worth       FPTPU Titan Pride
Worth       FPTTNC
Worth       FPTX11 Toxic
Worth       FPWK
Worth       FR10 Freedom
Worth       Freedom-FR10W & FR10
Worth       Halo Light-FHAL12 & FPFX12
Worth       HYBEST Hybrid EST
Worth       HYBFP
Worth       INFP Insanity
Worth       IZZYMU Freak Ink - Jeremy Eisenhower
Worth       KS454A 454
Worth       KS4FA Filthy 98
Worth       KS4US Filthy 120
Worth       KSFILU Filthy
Worth       L Quad
Worth       LAMPSB Lithium Amp
Worth       LFP13 Prodigy
Worth       Litium Amp
Worth       M75120 Mayhem M75
Worth       M7598 Mayhem M75
Worth       M75FP
Worth       M7H120 Mayhem Reload
Worth       M7JH120 Mayhem M7 Reloaded
Worth       M7JH98 Mayhem M7 Reload
Worth       M7JHA Mayhem Reloaded
Worth       MANDSG Maniac-DSGMCA & SPMDA
Worth       MAX120
Worth       MAY98A Mayhem
Worth       MAYFP Mayhem
Worth       Mayhem Comp
Worth       Mayhem M7 (120)
Worth       Mayhem M7 (98)
Worth       Mayhem M7 FP
Worth       Mayhem M7 FP-8
Worth       Mayhem M7FP8
Worth       Mayhem May 120
Worth       Mayhem May 98
Worth       Mayhem Reloaded JH120
Worth       Mayhem Reloaded M7
Worth       Mayhem-BJ Faulk-SBMUBJ
Worth       Mayhem-May120U
Worth       Mayhem-SBSKBU
Worth       MAYMLA Mayhem
Worth       MAYMLU Mayhem Endload
Worth       MAYMXL Mayhem Maxload
Worth       MG46 SSMG
Worth       MH120 Mayhem Reload
Worth       MOD2SB Powercell
Worth       MODF10 Powercell
Worth       MUT120
Worth       MUT98
Worth       Mutant-Jeff Hall-KSMJH1
Worth       Mutant-Jeff hall-SBLUJH
Worth       MUTJH1
Worth       MUTJHA
Worth       NWLHC Lighthouse Supercell
Worth       P0C98 Prodigy
Worth       P3FP
Worth       POC98R
Worth       POCFP Prodigy
Worth       PST
Worth       PST120
Worth       PST98
Worth       PSTOC PST
Worth       PSTW5137
Worth       PSTZ98
Worth       QESTFP
Worth       QESTFPA
Worth       QOCFP Quad
Worth       QOCFP2 - Quad
Worth       QSW11
Worth       QWFP
Worth       RevEx Light-FRVX12 & FPFX12
Worth       RevEx-FRVX10 & FPFX9
Worth       RevEX-FRVX9 & FPFX9
Worth       Revolver EST SBEST
Worth       Revolver REVFP
Worth       REVTST Revolver
Worth       RS454A 454
Worth       RS454A Resmondo 454
Worth       SAW1FPR
Worth       SB454A 454
Worth       SB454L 454
Worth       SB454R 454
Worth       SB454U 454
Worth       SB45US Team 454 Reload
Worth       SB4BU 454 Balanced
Worth       SB4JHU 454 Reload - Jeff Hall
Worth       SB4LA 454 Legit
Worth       SB4LUS 454 Legit
Worth       SB4MA 454 Mutant
Worth       SB4MA 454 Mutant
Worth       SB4MUS 454 Mutant
Worth       SB4RGC Resmondo Unlimited
Worth       SB4RUS 454 Resmondo Legit
Worth       SB4TC Team Canada Signature Series 454 Max Endload
Worth       SB4WFA War Fighter Team Drash
Worth       SB4WFU War Fighter Team Drash
Worth       SBAB Smith Powercell
Worth       SBAB11 Leah O'Brien-Amico
Worth       SBAMP2 Amp
Worth       SBAMPA Amp
Worth       SBAMPV
Worth       SBBJA Toxi
Worth       SBBJUS
Worth       SBESNX Steelers
Worth       SBESTB
Worth       SBESTC EST 375
Worth       SBF2RU Fulk 220
Worth       SBINS6 Insantiy
Worth       SBINS6 Instinct
Worth       SBJHU Jeff Hall Titan
Worth       SBL2BU Legit 220 Balanced
Worth       SBL2JU Legit 220 Jeff Hall
Worth       SBL2RU Legit 220 Balanced
Worth       SBLER Resmondo Tian
Worth       SBLU3 Legit Balanced
Worth       SBLUJH Legit Jeff Hall End Load
Worth       SBLUR Legit Resmondo Max End Load
Worth       SBM454 454 Mutant
Worth       SBM54R Resmondo Mutant Max End Load
Worth       SBM5UA Mayhem
Worth       SBMAYH Mayhem Hybrid
Worth       SBMBJ
Worth       SBMBJ2 Mayhem
Worth       SBMBJA Mayhem BJ Fulk
Worth       SBMDUO Duo Resmondo
Worth       SBMDUO Resmondo Duo Mutant
Worth       SBMGC Mayhem
Worth       SBMGC2 Mayhem GC
Worth       SBMHU Mayhem Balanced
Worth       SBMJH Mayhem Jeff Hale
Worth       SBMJH1 2008 Mayhem Reloaded
Worth       SBMR54 Resmondo Mutant
Worth       SBMRES Team Resmondo Mutant
Worth       SBMS4J Mutant Composite Jeff Hall 0.5 oz Reloaded
Worth       SBMTD Mutant 120
Worth       SBMTDA Mayhem 98
Worth       SBMTU Mutant HD
Worth       SBMUA Mayhem
Worth       SBMXLU Mayhem Maxload
Worth       SBP Powercell C031
Worth       SBP Rose Powercell
Worth       SBPB Smith Bottle Bat Powercell
Worth       SBPCX Prodigy
Worth       SBRAMA Rams 454
Worth       SBRLD Reload
Worth       SBRLDE Reload Est
Worth       SBRWSE Resmondo World Series Edition
Worth       SBSIL Silencer
Worth       SBSIN Sinister
Worth       SBSKBU Sick 454 Balanced - Greg Connell
Worth       SBSKJU Sick 454 Jeff Hall
Worth       SBSKRU Sick 454 Resmondo Max End Load
Worth       SBSKXU D2E Sick 454
Worth       SBSRU Sick 454 Resmondo
Worth       SBSTL Steelers
Worth       SBSTM Storm
Worth       SBSTM Storm 6061
Worth       SBSTMX Storm
Worth       SBT Powercell
Worth       SBT54
Worth       SBT542 Titan 5.4L
Worth       SBT54R
Worth       SBTNC2 "Toxic"
Worth       SBTOX "Toxic"
Worth       SBTR54 Resmondo Titan 5.4L
Worth       SBTRES Team Resmondo Titan
Worth       SBTSBF Titan Unleashed
Worth       SBTST Lithium Edge TST
Worth       SBTTBU Titan 5.4L
Worth       SBTTJH Titan
Worth       SBTTNA Titan 98
Worth       SBTTNC
Worth       SBTU Titan Reloaded Comp
Worth       SBTUS Titan 5.4L
Worth       SBW20R
Worth       SBWCT Wicked
Worth       SBWKA
Worth       SBWPSW Warpath
Worth       SBWPSW Warpath SBTVIB & SBW5uA
Worth       SBWR Rickard Powercell
Worth       SBWR Supercell 7046
Worth       SBWRW
Worth       SICK-454-FPSIC9 & FPSK9
Worth       SICK-454-FPSICK & FPSK10
Worth       SICK-454-FPSK12 & FPS512
Worth       SILFP Silencer
Worth       SILSB Siencer
Worth       Siren 6061 SRNFP
Worth       SPMVMU Freak Ink
Worth       SRNFP2 Siren
Worth       SS10C Supercell Lite
Worth       SSBTC Bottle Bat Supercell
Worth       SSCRC Rose Supercell
Worth       SSEST C405
Worth       SSEST Supercell EST
Worth       SSLC Lighthouse Supercell
Worth       SSLLC Lighthouse Supercell
Worth       SSLLC Supercell C405
Worth       SSMBC Smith Bottle Bat Supercell
Worth       SSMSC Smith Supercell
Worth       SSRHC Huggins Supercell
Worth       SSWRC Rickard Supercell
Worth       STORM-FPST13 & FPOS13
Worth       SW2
Worth       SW4 Worth Powercell
Worth       SW4FP2
Worth       SW4FPW
Worth       SWBT Smith Bottle Bat Powercell
Worth       SWBTB Smith Powercell
Worth       SWS23 Supercell WS23
Worth       Titain wrs13-B5
worth       Titian-SBTVIB
Worth       Toxic FPTOX
Worth       Triad Max Load-STR3MU &S4FALU
Worth       VTCR Carl Rose Supercell BT
Worth       VTLL Supercell VT
Worth       VTMB Smith Supercell VT
Worth       VTMS Smith Supercell VT
Worth       VTRH Supercell VT
Worth       VTWRK Richard Supercell VT
Worth       W1FPB
Worth       W1FPT Fastpitch
Worth       W2FP Powercell
Worth       W2SB7
Worth       W3FO Muchele Smith
Worth       W3FP7
Worth       W3SB Whiplash
Worth       W4FP Whiplash
Worth       W4SB7
Worth       W74EST Blade
Worth       W7FP
Worth       W7FPD Prodigy
Worth       W7SB
Worth       WIC120
Worth       WIC98 Insanity Gold
Worth       Wicked
Worth       Wicked SBWK
Worth       WICSB Wicked
Worth       WINFP
Worth       WOCS CU31 Shell
Worth       WS23
Worth       WS23 EST XRED
Worth       WSPK Fastpitch
Worth       WSPK2 Freedom
Worth       WWFC Wicked Composite
Worth       WWSC
Worth       WWSC Wicked Composite
Worth       WWSCA
Worth       XBLACK
Worth       XBLUE
Worth       XCUESTX
Worth       XEST23X
Worth       XEST5X
Worth       XEST9X
Worth       XESTLX
Worth       XPSTX
Worth       XSSESTX
Worth       XWICKX
Wortth       MXLPD Mayhem


Welcome To ISA

Welcome To ISA

2015 Softball Season

By Super User

Softball for the 21st Century!

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10-24: Eastern Fall State
Jacksonville , NC - Jacksonville Commons Recreation & Parks map
adult / Slowpitch / Elite, Men Lower, Men Upper, Rec

10-24: Eastern Women Fall State
Jacksonville , NC - Jacksonville Commons Recreation & Parks map
adult / Slowpitch, women / Comp, Rec

10-24: Western Fall States
Morganton, NC - Catawba Meadows Park map
adult / Slowpitch / Elite, Major, Men Lower, Men Upper, Rec

10-31: Pumpkin Ball Co-ed World
Whittier, NC - John A Crowe Complex map
adult / co-ed /

Latest Tournament Results

2015-10-02 Co-ed World Series
2015-09-19 Fall State

ISA National News!

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Team sanctions and compliance:

All teams sanctions are based on the managers home address if at least 51% of the players are from that state. Otherwise the team will be classified and regulated by the State Director that the majority of the players are from. Teams can play in another state but t...

Read more: Sanction




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